St.Albert's High School
(Affiliated to ICSE, New Delhi, No.BI 017)
(Affiliation Year - 1980)
Patel Nagar, Patna-800023
Ph: 2283263, Mob: 7070811658, Principal: 7070811657
E Ė mail:


The outcome of our school are well trained, well behaved and ideal citizens who are well versed in English, hold high moral virtues, are self confident and ready to shape the future of the nation with their hard work and ambition nature.


St.Albertís School is run by a Minority Educational group by reason of both religion and language. The group was established for the education and cultural development of children seeking the same and admitting inter-alia such children irrespective of case, creed, language, sex or religion as are desirous of receiving education in St. Albertís School.